How to Troubleshoot Wireless Router Problems of NETGEAR?

By | March 28, 2017

NETGEAR: The wireless router is a very important device that is used to get us connected to the internet or creating a network at our workplace or home. You can also connect various devices to the router and can share files and folders with other devices. And Netgear is a brand that is famous all over the world for manufacturing routers. And the routers of this brand gives quality service throughout its span. But some of the wireless routers may create some problem while connecting you to the internet or network. So here I am going to show you How to Troubleshoot Wireless Router Problems of NETGEAR?

Steps to Troubleshoot Wireless Router Problems of NETGEAR:

The router that you are using has been connected to the internet and worked good in the past then there is no problem with the network of the internet service provider. So below are the following solution.

  • First, you have to disconnect the wireless function and connect your PC directly to your router through Ethernet cable.
  • Then reboot the PC and take a look at the internet connection.
  • If there is no internet connection then reboot the router and any modem connected with it.
  • You can also connect your PC to the modem directly without connecting it to the router.
  • Then also if you are not getting any network on your router then contact your Internet service, provider.

If the issue is still going on with your router, then go through the following steps.

  • Connect your PC to the router with a LAN cable and open the web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Then go to or or or
  • You have to enter the username and password to make it work again.

Some tricks that you can use to make your connection better:

You can go to the different wireless channel:

  • First, you have to click on the wireless settings under the setup menu.
  • There you have to change the channel according to your wish.
  • Select apply, and then you will see the improvement in performance.

You can also try by reducing the wireless settings.

  • Go to wireless settings and click on advanced.
  • There change the fragmentation length of your router and bring the cts/rts threshold values to 2304.
  • Then click on apply and see the improvement in performance.

Some Important things that you should Keep in mind Regarding Wireless Router Problems:

  • You should try to stay in the range of router because the further you go the strength of the single gets weak.
  • Try to keep the router in the middle of the home or office so that it could cover the maximum space of that place. And also try to keep it away from huge objects that may block the signals of your router.
  • The more device is connected to the router and using the bandwidth; the less bandwidth is available for every device.
  • Try to keep your router away from other transmitting devices, so that you could get a good network connection. These devices may create a problem with your network.
  • You must use the antennas of the routers to get maximum performance. It is best to mount the router vertically rather that horizontally for getting the maximum performance.
  • You must keep the router 3 feet away from the cable so that the modem could not create any kind of interference with the signal of your router.
  • You also might get a good internet connection for using the full potential of the router that you are using.


The above written are the tips through which you can get the how to Troubleshoot Wireless Router Problems of NETGEAR?. So your work goes on smoothly without any disturbance from your router.  Now it would be easy for you to fix the router troubleshooting problem. Comment below if you have something to add regarding this problem.

How to Reset Forgot Router username and password?

By | March 25, 2017

How to Reset Forgot Router You may call a router a software and also a device. It works as software in your system and works as a device to connect you with a network. Router mainly works to connect your systems to a network. Technically router dispatches the packet data to their destination address securely in a packet-switched network. You might know that we need an IP address to connect a router to a network and with our system. Every router has a particular IP address. You need to log in using that IP address to connect it successfully. Normally, every router has IP address range between and, and every router has default username and password.

It is recommended to change the all default settings of the router to make your network more secure and strong. It is very much recommended as there are many hackers those who can use the default settings of your router to accomplish any illegal works. In the course of this article how to change dlink password username password, I will provide all information change default username and password and also help you to overcome the scenario, when you have forgotten your router username and password. ip

How to Reset Forgot Router username and password:

dlink router password setup this IP address is the default Internet protocol address that being used by many router manufacturing companies. Later you can change the default IP address like username and password too. But remember you have to change the IP address within that range that I have shared above. With correct login credentials and IP address, you can get access to the main network management console or normally control panel of a router.

Below I will compile together all the required steps that you need to perform to connect a router to a system.

Login to router setup


To connect you need to first disconnect all active internet connection to your system.


You can connect a router through a LAN cable as well as through Wi-Fi. It is easy to handle if you have connected with LAN cable and so it is preferable. If you going to connect using LAN cable then you have to install LAN driver in your system.


Enter the default IP address that you will get in the body of the router in any of your browsers.


After successful connection, you will be redirected to the login page of the router which is the gateway of router control panel.


Enter the default username and password which in the case of the maximum router is either admin or password. If you have completed the login procedure successfully, then you will redirect to the console page of a router.

Now You are eligible to change the default username and password. In the control panel, you will find a tab”Password.” Click on this tab to give your router a new password.

If you want to secure your wireless network, then you have to block all unauthorized access using a password. For that, you have to go to wireless router settings and then click on “Wireless security.”

i forgot my d link admin password  Router – How to reset shown below:

If you have forgotten your router main username and password, then you can’t be able to recover it. The only way is to reset the router and get back to its factory settings.

Every router has reset tab or button that present in the back of the maximum router. You have to press that button to reset it. Hold the button for few moments with needle-like substances for 20 seconds. After that, your router will automatically restart to go back to its factory settings. After that following the above steps, you have to set new username and password. This is the way to reset router username and password.

So, if this article seems helpful, then please give your feedback in the comment box. Reset is the only option if in case you have forgotten your router username and password. | How to login and setup IP address

By | March 25, 2017 ip login: The router is used to connect system with the network. Maximum router manufacturing company uses this IP address, and some customize it. A router acts as a transmitter that transmits packet data to their destination address. In the market, you will find many companies of the router, but the IP address remains almost same. There is the specific range of IP address that every router used.Many popular router brand is using IP address as D-link, Linksys, etc. Mainly all ASDL router uses this IP address.

Every router has their own dashboard. The dashboard may differ, but the basic features and functionalities of router always remain same. You can configure router settings directly from the dashboard as it contains all tools to configure it as per your needs. In this post how to login, I will give an example of D-link router with all required steps.

How to login IP address? Procedures

Every router has their own default username and password. In maximum router username and password, both is admin. is the default IP address of this router. You have to login with this IP address to get access to its control panel. In the control panel, you can change all the default login credentials to give your own username and password. Below I am providing all the required steps to login to the router with IP address. ip loginstep1:

The first step is to connect your router with your system. You have to connect the router using LAN cable or Wi-Fi. To connect with LAN cable you have to install LAN driver on your computer. It is recommended to use LAN cable instead of Wi-Fi as it is simple and easy.


You have to know the IP address of the router. You will get the IP address in the body of the router. You have to put this IP address in any of your browsers. If the above step is successful, then you will directly redirect to the dashboard of the router or router control panel.


Now you have to enter the default login credentials which in the maximum router is “admin”. Log in with this password and get access to the control panel of the router. After successful login, you are authorized to make any changes in router settings. for ex: admin

Below I will compile all the required steps to change your default login credential and default IP address, which is very important and recommended.

How to change router default Login password:

It is smart and wise to change the default password of your router. There are many hackers on the internet who always to harm you, so they use default username and password to snoop your router configuration. But if you change the default login credentials then hackers will not be able to trace your IP address with which you are connected. image

After successfully connects to the control panel of the router you have to click on the settings button in the dashboard. In the setting section, you will find the options to change the username and password. The option may differ as Dashboard of each router is not exactly same. So, search for the right option and change your login credential to make your network more secure. It is always recommended to give your network a secure password. You have to use different combination in your password as symbol, character, and numeric or even you can use a password generator to give a strong password.


The dashboard of the router may differ, but the steps that I have listed above are all basic. You have to follow these steps to login IP address. If you have face any problem in login, then please share with me in the below comment box. I am here to help you always and all time. IP and Wireless Router Troubleshooting problems

By | March 25, 2017 troubleshoot problems: ip and wireless routers, One of the great and amazing benefits of the Wi-Fi is that the network allows us to connect with the desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices and gadgets to the Internet wirelessly. Usually, when we have a Wi-Fi router, perhaps with repeaters, all computers are equipped to use this platform hardware which is to be detected immediately, to connect to it or request permissions and passwords to enter. ip

However, this process may be sometimes interrupted, and some or all of the devices may not detect the existing network of Wi-Fi, this is due to various factors which are related to problems with the modem, router or even with any other equipment, such as phone or tablet. IP –  Check the connection via the Ethernet:

Merely try to connect to the router, if possible, connect it through a network cable. If the user can connect in this way then the problem is due to the transmission of WIFI. If so, restart the device and modem. If the user fails to solve the problem in this way then check the transmission parameters of the device such as the power transmission channels, DHCP, frequency, etc. IP router setup

Action 2. Restart the device:

When we noticed that the problem is in all or almost all connected with the computers and devices, one of the best options is to try to just restart the router, because there may be some ‘bugs’ on the Wi-FI  signal which can become weak and hard so that it is unable to detect by the apparatus.

In this case what we do is turn off the Wi-Fi router, then wait for at least 20 seconds, then restarting the device. Overall, almost all commercial routers have an on or off button, however, if not then we can directly disconnect the power cable from the plug unit.

Action 3. Check the transmission channel of Wi-Fi:

As we know, some routers merely use two types of ways to spread the signal, that is the 2.4GHz and 5GHz. So we note that most of the devices have a wireless adapter that only works with 2.4 GHz, so it is advisable to check which channel is using the router.

This procedure is merely done through the process of configuration page of the router, which can be accessed simply by typing the IP Address on the preferred web browser.

Action 4. Take off some interferences which are as possible:

Check the mere distance to the router. Also, check the obstacles which are between the router and PC. Depending on the type of router, the distances which achieved may vary in any case and omni directional antennas scope approaches about 300 meters away unhindered. If the user can, take off any objects which can merely represent the interference to the signal.

Action 5. Check for the network cable:

Check on the port which is corresponding, where the computer is connected, if LED is either on or blinking. If not, then immediately try to change the network cable. If the cable works properly, then try to access the router management software by simply typing the gateway IP address and see if the user can access. If not, then try to change the physical port of the router and check. These ports may be damaged and then must have to change it.

Action 6. Check the range of the gateway IP Address:

Check the set range of the router DHCP assignments and also check the status of operation of the router where the list of IP is assigned within the area network. Also, verify that there are free IP addresses within the preset set range, if not, expand the range and restart the router, the problem must be resolved.

Action 7. Check the network firmware:

Finally, if none of the tips have solved the problems, then we can try to check for the firmware network updates for the router. When a firmware is not updated then there can be a problem or many problems, including outages and malfunction. In this case, what we have to do is take note of the make and model number of the router and access the page of the manufacturer of the router. ip firmware

For a normal routers model what the user, can do the next:

Access the router configuration software by just simply typing the ip adress ( and go to the ‘Maintenance’ tab, then at left bar to the ‘Firmware’ button

There are merely two options from the software configuration:

1) First of all, download an update file from the configuration software by simply clicking the button of ‘Check Now’.

This button will redirect the user to the right update page if it is available.

2) Having previously downloaded to the computer and then look through the settings wizard provided for this mere purpose. Here we must have special care while choosing the file, since in many cases if this is the wrong update file, we can have problems in future or maybe it can damage it totally. (

For more updates and latest notification on this stay tuned with us!!