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192-168-1-0 uses is a commonly sighted IP address. It is actually a private IP address that is used by the two widely used routers-Net gear and D-Link (competitors to Linksys division of Cisco). It is the most commonly used IP address for local router configuration. The network address has not been granted exclusively to the two major router companies but can be used by the other router manufacturers as well, if they wish. If the two routers that are installed on a local network seem to be using the same IP (default) address, it can be easily changed by accessing the router’s administrator console. Plays an important role at the time of initial setup of the router and later, the same is also used to identify any issues related to the internet connectivity with any of the Net gear or D-Link products. The other primary uses include configuring internet connection, to connect to the router, make security settings and perform the general network administrator functions.

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