Ip address – 192.168.l.l Login / Admin Router in most cases is the default access point or the IP address for a number of broadband routers used for home networks. They are used mostly in Belkin and SMC models of routers. At the beginning, different IP address is given to different models and brands. But you can easily change the configuration or the IP address depending upon your requirements, nowadays.


Logging in

If your router is using the IP address, and you want to login to the router’s console, you will have to enter on your browser’s address bar, but you should take care that you do not enter .

Once the connection is established, the browser will ask the user to enter the username and the password for the administrator, and that will complete the login procedure. If by any way, the router gets disconnected, you will get an error message, which may say that the website is not available.

In many cases the Internet service providers may enable their users to enter a certain name in the address but instead of the IP address, to access the management panel.


The restrictions

The IP address is actually a private network address, which is based on IPv4, and thus you cannot use it outside your home networks. If you want to do that, you will have to do that with the help of the public IP address assigned to your router. In case you want to set up to routers for your home network, you will have to use different addresses for them. In order to ensure that you are using the correct address you should look at the gateway by using any device connected to it.


Changing the address

You can also change the router specifications, which include IP addresses, passwords, and others with the help of administration console. That particular counsel provides a number of options to change the local addresses, along with additional settings.


How to reach

If you want to ask is admin station panel, you will have to type manually or copy After that you will have to enter the username and the password and in case it is wrong, you will have to use the reset button at the back of your router for some seconds.

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