Dynamic and Static IP Address

static and dynamic ip address


Dynamic and static IP addresses are self-explanatory to a great extent, referring to the meaning of words. The IP addresses that we use around are all dynamic i.e. that means they are not fixed but are used in rotation. It is impossible that each one of ushave a different and unique IP address. Had that been the case, we would have run out of them long ago. The internet providers assign the IP addresses on a rotation basis which means they assign an IP address that is free, and not the same one every time (which is also impossible). All the IP addresses are not in use at the same time, so when one IP address is not used by an individual, it is assigned for use to the other one.

Just on the contrary, an IP address that does not change at all is a Static IP address. These are generally issued to businesses and are reserved for them. However, for a small cost, an individual can also get one from their internet provider.

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