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You must have come across IPv4 and very often, whenever the discussions were on about IP addresses. IPv4 is the very first standard recognized for IP addresses and is one of the most common IP address. The IP addresses that we all use at home often range between to and thus are the most commonly recognized.

An IP address is formed with a combination of four blocks of numbers mentioned in a sequence. Every block in the address can have a number anywhere between the value of 0 and 255, which gives every block a possibility of having 256 values in total. Four different blocks with the possibility of 256 different values equaled to billions of unique IP addresses which was more than enough in the early internet era in the 1970s when the popularity and use of the computer were not so widespread. But today with over millions of internet users and businesses having multiple internet connections, we are not even close to the requirement. This is where the dynamic IP addresses and the Subnets come into the picture!

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