What are Subnets?

As the name suggests, a network within a network is called sub-network or subnet. Using Subnets is a great way of reusing IP addresses and thus, solving the problem of IP addresses falling short. The basic idea behind it is to split up the connections itself so that it does not require a new IP address every time. To make it simpler, let’s take an example. We all have multiple computers and laptops in a single house now days, instead of giving each computer or laptop an individual IP address, the internet provider assigns a single IP address to the router used in the house which further creates its own networks and gives all the devices attached to it, an IP address from there itself.

But the problem does not get solved with this! Even after all this, we are short of IP addresses considering the fact that any device that is connected to the internet requires an IP address-Mobile phones, computers, watches, televisions, gaming consoles, handhelds, GPS and everything under the sun that uses an internet connection! Even after dynamic IP addresses and Subnets, we needed a new standard to take care of this need and thus, IPv6 came in.



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